About Me

My parents were told that I would never walk, or be able to do things on my own after I was born, but they never gave up on me! Through their faith and determination (and my Sister teaching me)  I walked, unaided at age 5.  I attended regular public school and graduated High School in 1983. I did all the "normal" kid and teenager things.... from playing kickball out front with neighbor kids to girl scouts, campouts, sleepovers, shopping, basketball games, "cruising" (showing my age here!)

After High School I attended College for a while, Majoring in Psychology. Unfortunately I didn't finish (Someday I will!)

I spent my days being a stay at home aunt to my nephew Michael, and boy did we have fun!  He means the world to me! And Im so very proud of him, He became an officer (His dream) and now is a detective!

I have always LOVED art, any kind really. I painted in Oils in High School, but after Michael was born I had stopped. (hard to do oils with a baby!) When Michael got a bit older (around 10) I decided to pick up on my painting. I took a correspondence class in Art and 1 assignment was to do values in watercolors. I had never used them before, but after working with them for this assignment I was hooked!

In High school, when I got serious about my art, I still never wanted to let anyone know "how" I painted. My art Teacher, Mr. Jackson knew this and allowed me to do my art at home and bring it in finished, I was just really shy about it. You see I hold the brush in my mouth, even though I can use my hands, I have found it much easier to do it "my way".

After getting back into my art, I decided to join the local art association. After 2 years I ended up being President. I was president from 2000-2004,2017- Present

 Treasurer from 2004-2006 and 2009 - Present and 

Student exhibition Coordinator from 1999-Present. (www.studentartexhibit.webs.com)

I also served on the Board of Directors for Gateway Association, Inc 2009-2012 ( http://gateway-assoc.org/ )

I have had several paintings hung in local galleries as well as the Indiana State Fair.

I won 3rd place on a painting of Michael pitching (baseball) in 2000 and Honorable Mention on a different painting of Michael pitching (series of 5) in 2003

I have been in many classrooms, from kindergarten to college level speaking about my Diff-ability.

In 2005,  I meet a new Mom to AMC and she started WWW.AMCSUPPORT. ORG, a place for families to post questions, find answers and support each other. But her dream was bigger than this...She wanted to get an organization up and running for AMC. I'm proud to say I helped Ani's dream come true and in 2007 Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support, Inc received a letter from the IRS saying we are OFFICIALLY a Non Profit Organization!!  I served  as Vice President from 2006-2009 and served  as  President from 2009- 2017.

I also been traveling to different states, painting in classrooms with kids, teaching them its OK to be different!

 I have made a DVD "A Day with Theresa, an Adult with AMC."(Go to A Day with Theresa page for more info) to help others understand and learn that people with AMC, or any diff-ability) can do whatever they set their mind to do! Please keep in mind if you watch it, or see me, that NOTHING I do is hard for me! You see, in my head, I'm doing things just like everyone else does!

Its that simple...........

without the love and faith I was taught and given by my family and friends, Id never be who I am today....So, THANK YOU .....Mom, Dad, Kathy, Michael, and all my extended family, My AMC Family and Friends....

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