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Here are a few links to pictures from the most surreal evening in NYC! November 16th 2010

to view pictures of the AMAZING Evening, go to


Here's a link to the video presented at the awards gala, video by: Loch Phillipps of

BETTER TV interviewed all of us at the awards Gala, click her to watch


WEtv We Do Good Awards, NYC Nov 16th 2010 from Theresa Lucas on Vimeo.

Andie MacDowell presenting my Woman on their Way by Wyndham Worldwide Award

the Paparazzi WOW

My speech




From Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita Support, Inc. Founder, Ani Samagian, 11/16/2011

BEST DAY OF OUR LIVES!!!!!! Plus Andie McDowell said "Arthrogryposis" :-) Happy Anniversary Theresa Lucas !!!! I know you will continue to do GREAT things for our AMC families and AMCSI. We would be NOWHERE without your determination to move mountains and make things happen. And for that I am eternally grateful. You played a HUGE part in making that ONE DREAM come true - all because you BELIEVED. I ♥ you with ALL My HEART!!!!! FOREVER & ALWAYS!!!!!!!

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