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all of my paintings can be found on my ARTWORK page

8 X 10 matted Prints = $35

11 X 14 matted prints = $45

Original paintings = Prices vary,  email


Note cards:

Full color, glossy, printed on heavy cardstock (5.47" x 4.21")

White Envelopes included

5 cards & envelopes in a pack $10.00 (one painting per pack, your choice of painting)


Postcards (5.47" x 4.21") 10 for $6.00


Small (Business card size) $2.00 each

Large  Magnet 5.59 x 4.33 High-quality, vinyl material. Thickness is 0.4mm.


Mouse Pads  9.81 X 8.23 $15.00


Send orders or any questions to

Proceeds from this sale will go toward my travel expenses for arthrogryposis multiplex congenita  Conferences (Where I hold "Painting with Theresa" session with hundreds of kids with the same DIFF ability as I have. & I also lead the adult & teen AMC sessions), & speaking and demonstrating my art, and my "diff" Ability in classrooms and events across the US

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